Mama Said Knock You Out

 Melvin is sitting in jail. That fucking guy called me and asked me to bail him out. $1200!! Apparently five local guys jumped him and a friend of his in Pa'ia. The funny thing is they beat the shit out of all five. Two black dudes that are taller than 6'3 and weigh more than 215 aren't really the happiest site for a lot of angry local guys who pride themselves on how many times they've been arrested. When he heard sirens he said he sat on the curb and waited. No point in running. It'll just make it worse. And he was right. All seven guys got arrested but the local guys got it worse for speeding away. This is definitely a new one for me. I've never bailed someone out of a jail before.

I"ll have to borrow it from John since the bank is closed. I'll pay for it but I'm gonna give him a really fucking hard time about this. Even though he did the right thing and I think it's funny as hell that he won and didn't even start it. I gotta.

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White Rock

I love White Rock. It's by far the best beach I've ever been to. I can't believe I didn't think to show it to Tim and Casie. Yeah, it is a local beach but it would have been fine. If anybody from wherever drops in again it's the first place I'm taking them.

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Risky Business

I knew this would happen when I agreed to certain things over the past few months. I can't believe this shit. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But, I am. I moved away to leave the majority of the first 23 years of my life behind me. 90% of it was non-productive and I surrounded myself with people who were the same. I was a jerk and going nowhere. And worse. And yet here I am.  

I know it's childish but I really don't think it's too much to ask to be left alone to further myself in any way I choose. I said it to KC at The King's Trail. Hawai'i FORCES you to listen to yourself instead of others. And what I heard was myself saying that I'm done living for others. I'm done with it. I let people I want in my life in and the ones who have nothing to offer for my offerings aren't dammed. They simply are my past. Plain and simple. It's my life and if you don't want to accept it, fine. This will be my last entry. Sorry to the two of you back in Indiana who read it from time to time. Hopefully see ya again someday.


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Year one to year two

Five more pounds of white sapote's.

Eighteen more papaya's.

TWENTY-SEVEN more atamoya's!!!!! forbidden fruit.

Two gallon's more of loquat's.

Nine extra bushels of apple banana's.

A 400 square foot garden full of greeny goodness.

Twelve more orange's.

One more pound of coffee...That's my joy. :)

The lemon trees...not so much.

And those lilikoi..Three trees bloomed that didn't at all last year.

Oh, and twenty-three total marijuana trees over a one year span..Fourteen this time.

Fourteen beautiful new ducks.

Six new chickens and countless eggs.

Give me fifty years and I'll feed the whole Pacific.

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(no subject)

Okay, the sunshine thing has gone on long enough. It's a conspiracy. I swear. My hair is short and dark now! I don't have long flowing golden locks anymore! Shit.


The wife will be touching down in about an hour. Oh boy!

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I know it's really bad of me but I'm really stoked that I've become a good lover. Nat has been gone two days and we spent the last three trapped in our house and she's calling me already and going on about it. It's great to think it already but I love it when she gets like this. Fuck.




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I got a call from Sean Lory this morning. That shit was really fucking surprising. I had no idea he was still here. More than a year! lol. I gotta laugh. Awesome. New Old Friend.

I guess Tim landed today. Still haven't heard anything yet. Hope everything went smoothly.


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Sorry I haven't gotten a hold of you for a few days. Been busy with the Mrs. heh. Anyways, My number is 8083853143. Gimmie a call once you land and we'll go from there. I'm free Friday afternoon until Monday morning at 8. I went into Pa'ia this morning and picked ya up a little smoke kit so don't buy anything. You'd get dicked over anyways so save your money. Friday night we should get some dinner and plan the trip for Hana to be Saturday morning. Come back Sunday and make our way down to Wailea/Makena for the sunset. Stop at certain places along the way. Loose stuff. Welp, hope your flight is a good one and some dumbass haole doesn't scream terrorist when they see your scaryass. lol.


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 I've been helping Brett the past few days over at Opana. Planting trees and such. It's weird hanging out with him. He's from Oregon so he's not that much of the typical jock stereotype and he surfs but he's the guy in high school who made me miserable. So of course we're going out for a beer or two tonight on him for my help. Oh, man.

It seems like Tim and KC are coming over next week. lol. Honestly, I'm not really sure what to expect. I haven't seen anyone from that crew in like three years. And I'm pretty much a homebody now. And I'm a million times more relaxed. We'll probably go snorkeling, head out to Hana, Ho'okipa, maybe La Peruse, watch the sunset from Wailea. I'll break out the Big Kahuna and show them what real weed is. lol. Things like that. It'll be fun.

Weird times.



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The original plan was for me to trade a dozen of my seeds for fifteen of his. Mine are a little harder to come by and are a specialty. Not to dog his at all...there is no bad pot in Hawai'i. Maui in particular. They don't call it Maui Wowie for nothing. Anyways, the dude said a dozen for a dozen today. I said no and left. So I ended up heading down to Kihei to see John to see if I can just get some of his Big Kahuna. Dude was kind enough to just give me six. So, there's that. It's a start but I'll need something else. It's not gonna be the right mix and it'll actually make mine weaker in the long run. It'll end up producing more of a body high instead of a head trip that makes you wanna chill out for an hour or so and then fuck somebody. heh. B.K. is good for going to the beach or something to smoke after work. So, I'll have something for people with not much to spend on or maybe for me to just give away. Small steps.


I'm actually a marijuana buff. lol. I mean, yeah, I've always loved pot for a number of reasons but I never saw this coming. I can see myself ending up with an indoor operation. Timed sprinklers and lights. Specific levels of minerals. Right now I bring them inside our little spare room when it's time for them to start to be trimmed and dried but I don't have the knowledge yet or the nerve to have it the whole time. 

One thing is for sure. I'll never end up like those dipshits on the Big Island where people have hundreds of plants in one building. That's how you get caught. Dipshit. That's prison. Sheesh.  

Oh!!! I resurrected the "Toasted Like I Am" sandwich for Melvin today! Version 9.6. heh. Ah, memories.

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